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Mobile marine mechanic for all types of engines, outboards, inboards, jetski services.

Mobile boat mechanics mainly service engines on trailer boats, whether these be outboard or inboard engines with a sterndrive. The mechanics come to you to service your boat. Trailer boats can also be driven to the mechanic's own premises. Mobile mechanics are not just for trailer boats, they can come to your boat moored at a marina and some mechanics have their own workboats to come out to your mooring.

Mobile marine mechanics can service all types of marine engines, including seasonal maintenance, tailored maintenance packages, servicing and repairs of diesel and petrol inboards, outboards, stern drives, sail drives, transmissions, hydraulics, repowering, battery maintenance and electrical.

Some inboard motors are freshwater cooled, while others have a raw water cooling system where water from the lake, river or sea is pumped by the engine to cool it.

However, as seawater is corrosive, and can damage engine blocks and cylinder heads, some seagoing craft has engines that are indirectly cooled via a heat exchanger in a keel cooler. Other engines, notably small single and twin cylinder diesel specifically designed for marine use, use raw seawater for cooling and zinc sacrificial anodes are employed to protect the internal metal castings.

An inboard motor is a marine propulsion system for boats. As opposed to an outboard motor where an engine is mounted outside the hull of the craft, an inboard motor is an engine enclosed within the hull of the boat, usually connected to a propulsion screw by a driveshaft.

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